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Canadian Kitchenware focuses on offering quality cookware, bakeware, utensils, and kitchen essentials from trusted brand names. Each one is specialized in their personal line of kitchenware and altogether provides a range of materials, quality, and price to meet the needs of any shopper. 

De Buyer

With French tradition and heritage in mind, De Buyer has been offering a line of kitchenware for 180 years already and has gained international recognition. Besides its pastry utensils and mandolines, De Buyer is especially notable for its line of Carbon Steel and Non-Stick pans. 


Friends, family, food, and connections is the emphasis of Cuisipro’s kitchenware. With dozens of unique, practically-designed, and reliable products, Cuisipro can be an inseparable part of cooking and serving your favorite recipes. 

Emile Henry

Emile Henry is a renowned French kitchenware brand with international recognition for its line of ceramic cookware. Their simple yet inviting cookware and warm hues are an ideal accompaniment for any kitchen and table. Emile Henry is the go-to choice for specialty cooking products such as anything from pizza stones to tagines. 


Cut with confidence and precision in the kitchen to transfer this energy to your cooking. Kasumi’s selection of the finest Japanese knives will make the cooking experience a breeze for both home cooks and professional chefs alike. Investing in a durable, high-quality knife is an investment for life. Make the right choice with Kasumi. 


The art and essence of French dining are translated into Berard’s fine tableware and kitchen organization products. The craftsmanship of their French olive wooden boards will enhance the experience of creating and enjoying your next charcuterie boards. It is without a doubt that how meals are served and presented impacts their dining experience. Heighten yours today by scrolling through Berard’s finest tableware. 


To finesse baking is equal to that of mastering an art. For bakeware utensils ideal for any pastry and baked good you know, opt for a brand that has been specializing in this for the past five generations — Gobel. From molds for mini quiches, madeleines, tarts, along with piping nozzles to any essentials a pastry chef needs 


Whether for home cooking or commercial kitchens, a handy and durable pan is essential for any cook. Thermalloy offers a vast selection of pans from stainless steel, to aluminum and cast iron in any shape or form you require it to be. Roast, toast and fry your way to the most delicious meals with Thermalloy.

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